Welcome to the State Of St. George

Legal Titles:
The Sovereign Antarctic State of St. George
Sovrano Stato Antartico di San Giorgio

Constituted on 29/9/2011

  • Government: Supreme Council & Head of State.
  • Published on Italian State Gazette No. 39, Region Sicily on 28/9/2012, ref. LC/39/P0004
  • International Recognition: European International Civil Court of Justice of Ragusa, Italy; court sentence 2/2013 pronounced on 31/1/2013, quoting terminology: Sentenza n. 2/2013 pronunciata in Modica (Rg), in data 31 gennaio 2013, dal Tribunale Civile Internazionale – Organo Permanente della Corte Europea di Giustizia Arbitrale di Ragusa
  • Geographical Location: South Pole 60ºS 135ºW to 141ºW,
  • Time Zone GMT +12 hrs.
  • Incorporating: Dual Citizenship, Tax residency, Corporate Entities, International Trading Licenses
  • Nearest Airport Bases: (a) George VI Sound 71º S 68º W, also (b) Thiel Mountains Airport 85º 15 S 91º W
  • Capital: Stazione Cittá di Sant’Anna, 75º 34′ S, 140º W, The Anatarctic
  • European Address: Medigest, Via Greina No. 2, Lugano, Switzerland